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Fendi Spring Summer 1994

In a bold move that left the fashion world shocked, Karl Lagerfeld decided to forgo the traditional runway show for Fendi Spring/Summer 1994 collection. Instead, he opted for a mannequin display at the Barozzi Palace, leaving the audience stunned.

As the crowd filed in, they were met with a row of pale knitted garments lined up on mannequins, resembling a shop window. Opposite, black-and-white suits and dresses commanded attention, while a separate room housed pastel suedes and prints.

Lagerfeld, unfortunately absent due to plane trouble, believed the simplicity of his designs could be better appreciated through this unique presentation.

However, the real shock came in the form of the swimsuit display. In another room, Italian porn star Moana Pozzi and her entourage performed in black-and-white swimsuits and red-and-white striped ones.

This unconventional choice raised eyebrows, and it is even rumored Anna Wintour abruptly left the presentation.

However, Lagerfeld had a simple explanation. According to Kevin Doyle, Lagerfeld used Pozzi since the Fendi sisters wanted something different and they had a problem with the unions and couldn't use the big girls. Lagerfeld added, "I'm very much against shows without the great girls because they have the image and the faces of the time."

While the collection received considerable press at the time, finding images of it now can prove difficult. Lucky us, we were able to find rare footage from this collection.

Lagerfeld's bold move left a lasting impression on the fashion world and will undoubtedly continue to inspire designers for years to come.


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