Rothschild Surrealist Ball 1972

The infamous Surrealist Ball, “Diner de Têtes Surrealist”, hosted by the Baron and Baroness Guy de Rothschild.

The hostess, Marie‐Hélène de Rothschild, was fittingly dressed with towering antlers and diamond tears on her face.

Brigitte Bardot as the snow queen.

In a back‐to‐nature feeling, actress‐model Marisa Berenson, wearing a birdcage with a live bird on her head.

At one point, clutching a handkerchief to her lips, Audrey Hepburn, who was attired in a wicker birdcage, made a hasty exit. “Maybe she's pregnant,” one guest murmured.

And what dieter could resist the cake, a life‐size nude in frangipane flanked by caramel roses?

Salvador Dali, came without a disguise boasting, “I don’t need a mask. My face is my mask”

Duchess Claudine de Cadaval was disguised as a white brick wall.

Hélène Rochas wore an old‐fashioned gramophone, a vision created by Yves Saint Laurent, who was there to admire his work.

Francois‐Xavier Lalanne had painted the face of Claude Lebon in a seascape, complete with sinking steamer. Charlotte Aillaud, wife of the architect, covered her bust and face with bronze armor cast‐to‐order by Claude Lalanne, the sculptor. The lips and chin were re movable on a stem.


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