How Vivienne Westwood Created Punk Style

In 1971, Vivienne Westwood and then boyfriend, Malcolm McLaren, opened a shop in Kings Road called ‘Let it Rock’.

The shop was renamed a couple of times as their style changed.

McLaren, who was a music manager, discovered punk music in New York,

and brought it to the UK by managing the 'Sex Pistols', who were dressed by Vivienne Westwood.

Politicised by hippies, Punk was a response against the people in power. Through her clothes, Westwood explored taboos as a form of rebellion including:

Fetish items like stiletto heels and bondage.

Controversial graphic tees, and a DIY look heavily using safety pins.

Fun fact, Vivienne Westwood still “runs” the shop now called World’s End.

Tell me in the comments below, which is your favorite Vivienne Westwood style :)

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