History of the 'It' Bag | Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Multicolor

Louis Vuittons multi color monogram handbags was so successful, some celebrities had to settle for knock-offs.

In 2002, Marc Jacobs collaborated with Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, to reimagine the brand’s iconic monogram pattern.

Murakami replaced the brown base color with black or white and screen printed the monogram pattern in whimsical colors. Some products also included “jellyfish eyes” dubbed as 'Eye love Monogram.'

The design was so successful a waiting list had to be created before they were released.This led to the production of extremely good knock-offs sold in Canal street. Even some celebrities were spotted with knock offs just because the waiting list was so crazy.

Few celebrities were lucky enough to get their hands on one of these hot items, like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and Naomi Cambell.

Photo source via New York Times

Ironically, Takashi Murakami embraces the black market during one of his retrospectives at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008. He created a fake Canal st. selling genuine Louis Vuitton handbags.

Since this collection was so successful, Jacobs continues collaborating with Murakami in creating even more amazing pieces.

Unfortunately, the Monogram Multicolor line was discontinued in 2015, when Nicolas Ghesquiere became the artistic director at Louis Vuitton.

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