History of the 'It' Bag | Fendi Baguette

The Fendi Baguette is a collector’s item, surprisingly it was not the genius Karl Lagerfeld who designed it.

In 1997 Fendi introduced the baguette - a small bag with a short handle, held closely to the body like the traditional French bread.

Vogue, 1997 September Issue

The designer responsible for the baguette is Silvia Venturini, the granddaughter of Fendi’s founders. Inspired by her grandmother’s vintage beaded bags, Silvia came up with a modern and practical design that looks like jewellery.

"Fendi Fetish" Harper's Bazaar, 1998

The baguette quickly became a cult object, and by 2000 gained mass popularity after appearing on Sex and the City.

"Sex and the City" What Goes Around Comes Around

The handbag has been rendered in approximately six hundred different styles using materials like horsehide, snakeskin, sequins and pearls.

Fendi even released a DIY embroidery kit:

Which Fendi Baguette is your favorite?