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Exploring Luar's Ana Bag

Founder of Luar Raul Lopez with siy anna bags

This is the Ana Bag—an iconic creation poised to leave an indelible mark in fashion history as one of the 'it bags' of the 2020s. Crafted by the Dominican designer Raul Lopez, this chic accessory pays a heartfelt tribute to his roots, bearing a name that holds deep significance.

The Ana Bag made its grand debut during Luar's Spring/Summer 2022 collection, swiftly amassing a devoted following. However, the Ana Bag is more than a mere fashion statement; it serves as a testament to love and legacy. Founder Raul Lopez named the Ana Bag after his beloved mother and grandmother, infusing this personal touch with an additional layer of value that elevates the bag's already impeccable construction.

One of the Ana Bag's most distinctive features is its handle, a design inspired by Raul's grandmother's handbags from the 1960s. While the handle evokes a sense of nostalgia from the '60s, the bag's body draws inspiration from Raul's mother's 1980s briefcase. This harmonious blend of influences spanning different decades results in a bag that is both timeless and pioneering in its style.

The Ana Bag's impact has been so profound that it earned Raul Lopez a CFDA award. This recognition cements its status as an iconic accessory, setting a new standard for contemporary fashion.

**Your Chance to Own a Piece of Fashion History**

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